About Us

With 32 million customers, Ventura carries more than five times the Victorian population every year.

Our 950 buses would stretch around the MCG perimeter 39 times

Each week our buses travel the equivalent of 20 trips around the globe.

Who We Are

Since we started our engines over 90 years ago, Ventura Bus Lines has become an iconic name in Victoria. From one man driving a bus between Box Hill and the city, we are now the largest privately owned bus company in Australia, with over 1,600 employees and 950 buses carrying more than 32 million customers across Melbourne every year.


We’re people people

Today we are proudly known for our unmatched service, which comes from thinking first about our customers, our people, our partners, and our community. For our customers, we’re there for their daily commute and the weekend trips to cheer on their favourite team. We’re their first bus to school, the charter bus on their wedding day, and all the adventures in between.


Our Vision

Ventura is about more than arriving to your destination on time. Everything we do is focused on creating cleaner, smoother and safer journeys for the whole community. We are driving a better future.

Our People

At Ventura, we want our people to love coming to work, drive innovative ideas and strive to achieve. That’s what drives a better future.

When customers step onto our buses, they know they’re in safe hands with our friendly, highly trained drivers. When they talk to us, they know they’re talking to our compassionate customer service team. And behind the scenes, our head office employees are the best at what they do.

We embrace diversity. We believe that having people from different backgrounds, with different life experiences and talents is a real bonus for our business. That’s why we’re committed to providing an inclusive working environment in which everyone is treated equally and with respect.

We invest in our people. By providing training and development programs, on-the-job learning, and coaching, we make sure that Ventura employees have the resources they need to perform, grow and be their best selves. Want to join us?

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We support local communities. Our goal is to be an active, valued and trusted member of the communities in which we live, work and travel every day. We use our strong family and community values to drive more meaningful experiences. And we’re proud to say we’re changing lives.

Read about how we support people with different abilities.

Leading Technology

We don’t use technology for technology’s sake. Our approach is one of simplicity: we master the best technology possible to deliver the greenest, smoothest, safest journey.