Ventura Bus Lines is helping women and girls travel safely in Port Moresby with the donation of four buses for the Ginigoada Foundation’s women-only bus project.

Thank you to our partners that helped put this together:

  • Scania
  • Label Concepts
  • Swire Shipping and
  • Stevedores

The buses are due to depart Newcastle on 4th August and arrive in Port Moresby on 11th August.

Training on installing baby seats onto Ventura V/Line servicesV/Line coach customers can now strap in safely on regional bus journeys thanks to Ventura’s new baby seat service.

Families travel easy with new baby seat service

V/Line coach customers can now strap in safely on regional bus journeys thanks to Ventura’s new baby seat service.

Launched in May, Ventura is offering free use of baby capsules and booster seats for families travelling on its two V/Line coaches.

“We wanted to find a way to provide our youngest customers with an even greater level of protection and comfort during their journey,” says Andrew Cornwall, Ventura’s Managing Director. “With our baby seat service, families can travel with their children to a regional destination without worrying about their safety or the inconvenience of having to carry their child for hours at a time.”

Ventura selected an accredited baby equipment provider for the baby capsules and booster seats, which meet the Australian standards for child restraints. Once used, each seat is cleaned and checked by the provider so mums and dads always know their child is sitting in a safe, hygienic seat.

To ensure it is providing customers with the highest level of safety while using the baby seats, Ventura has partnered with the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI), an organisation dedicated to providing training and awareness on child restraint fitting stations. To date Ventura’s V/Line coach drivers, trainer and mechanic have completed the training, which ensures they can correctly install, maintain and store the seats.

“Our customers’ safety and satisfaction are our most important values and we are committed to working with partners like V/Line and ACRI to find new ways to make journeys safer and more comfortable for all our customers,” adds Mr Cornwall. “Our baby seat service plus live tracking of V/Line coach service is one more way we are going the extra mile.”

Ventura has teamed up with Wallara Australia to provide meaningful and productive work for people with different abilities.

A not-for-profit disability support organisation based in Dandenong, Wallara’s mission is to empower members of its community to live the life they choose, which means giving them the opportunity to contribute to the Australian workforce.

Since June 2016, the Wallara team has been working in our depots helping to improve the presentation of our buses, inside and out.

“We’re proud to be able to support the Wallara community, and are de- lighted to announce that our program has been so successful, we are extending it into 2017,” says Ventura’s Managing Director, Andrew Cornwall.

“Our partnership with Wallara not only provides the opportunity for people with disabilities to contribute to the Australian workforce, but also helps our staff to better understand disabilities.”

Melbourne’s Ventura bus 484 passes two millionth kilometre on Victorian roads

Mathew Langdon, Herald Sun December 9, 2016 1:44pm

It may look like any other bus in Victoria, but this humble bus has just passed an intergalactic milestone. Ventura Bus Line’s number 484 bus has rocketed past a mammoth vehicular milestone, travelling over two million kilometres on Victoria’s roads.

The 484 reached it’s two millionth kilometre on the 10:54am Route 788 service from Frankston to Portsea on yesterday. Over years of service, the bus has used nearly 740,000 litres of Diesel, travelled on Route 788 over 33,000 times, as well as driving the equivalent of more than five round trips to the moon.