Ivanhoe Live Tracking Bus Service Routes

Ventura has launched the new interactive public route maps and times for our Ivanhoe depot.  Click on the route number associated with the direction of the bus.  Bus routes will be displayed for that service.  Using Google Chrome will provide more accurate GPS tracking results.

Route 526 Coburg to Reservoir

Route 526 Reservoir to Coburg

Route 527 Gowrie to Northland SC

Route 527 Northland SC to Gowrie

Route 549 Ivanhoe to Northland SC

Route 549 Northland SC to Ivanhoe

Route 550 La Trobe University to Northland SC

Route 550 Northland SC to La Trobe University

Route 551 Heidelberg to La Trobe University

Route 551 La Trobe University to Heidelberg

Route 551 Ramu Pde to Heidelberg