‘Providing dependable, friendly and sustainable bus services for our customers’

Ventura was established in 1924 and is a well respected and is the bus provider of choice to the Victorian metropolitan community.

Ventura is involved in delivering a full range of commercial bus services, including:

  • Public Transport Victoria (PTV) route and school services
  • Department of Education & Training (DET) services
  • Shuttle Services
  • Charter Bus Services
  • Private School Charter Bus Services
  • Rail Replacement Services
  • Night Network Bus Services
  • VLine Coach Services

Ventura’s quality maintenance management system ensures the buses that we operate are maintained to the highest standard.

As an accredited bus operator Ventura is organisationally well advanced in its management processes ensuring good business practices, which includes complying with the Bus Safety Act 2009 and other relevant legislation and industry standards.

This policy states Ventura’s commitment to providing services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations in terms of dependability, friendliness, sustainability and safety.

We will work to offer improved timetables, more connections to the wider public transport system and be actively involved in the continuous growth and development of the community.

To ensure that our goals are met, Ventura has adopted a quality management system that complies with the International Standard ISO 9001.

Ventura holds certification under the Quality standard ISO 9001 at all twelve (12) operating sites:

Croydon | Dandenong | Hastings | Ivanhoe | Knoxfield | Lilydale | Moorabbin | Oakleigh | Pakenham | Rosebud | Seaford | Monbulk

The Quality System will provide customers with the assurance that our service delivery will be of a consistently high standard.

The management of Ventura is totally committed to the implementation and maintenance of this quality management system and, in turn, expects every employee to contribute and support it.

It is the responsibility of every staff member to make decisions and take action to enhance the quality of all activities undertaken by Ventura.

The Quality Management System and Quality Policy will be continually reviewed and changed as part of Ventura’s commitment to develop and continually improve the processes and procedures of our business.

Andrew Cornwall,

Managing Director

April 2017

Our mission statement

‘Providing dependable, friendly and sustainable bus services for our customers’

We will meet our goals through a commitment to:

a) Provide reliable on time bus services that meets or exceed customer expectations\

b) Provide a bus service that is safe and secure

c) Improving customer safety and personal security

d) Improving modal connectivity

e) Growing patronage

f) Efficient allocation of resources and maximising fleet availability

g) Fleet availability and reliability

h) Provide opportunities to all our existing and new staff for ongoing skill enhancement, continuous improvement of work practices and innovative thinking to enable our goals to be achieved