Code Red Day

Code Red Day – Catastrophic Fire Danger Days


Now bushfire season is here, this is a reminder that some Ventura bus routes will not
operate on declared Code Red Fire Danger days.

These routes will NOT run:
663, 694, 695, 696, 697, 699 and 840

These routes will be partially impacted (click on route number to access map, partial
routes in RED will not operate):
679, 688, 693, 755 and 838

All other services will run as scheduled unless prevented by local authorities.

In the event of Code Red, it is not safe for our customers or drivers to travel through high risk
areas. Because the selected routes enter bushfire-prone areas, nominated services
will not operate on a declared Code Red day.

What is a Code Red day?
Code Red (Catastrophic) is the highest fire danger rating. It means the conditions are at
the most dangerous for a bushfire and severe fire conditions can strike at any time.
When a Code Red day is declared, it is the trigger to put your Bushfire Survival Plan into

Plan, act, survive
On a Code Red day, we encourage our customers and drivers to put their Bushfire
Survival Plan into action. The safest place to be is away from high-risk bushfire areas.
Most homes in high-risk bushfire areas are not defendable on Code Red days.

Stay up to date
It is possible that the CFA / Bureau of Meteorology will declare a Code Red at very short
notice. Monitor the media and public broadcast and warnings associated with fire

Ventura WILL be posting social updates about routes not operating.

Visit or Call Victorian Bushfire Information Line 1800 240 667 for more information