Driving a Greener Future for Victoria

Reducing environmentally damaging emissions is a major priority for Ventura. As a company, we are investing in a cleaner and greener future. Ventura is supporting reduced emissions through our own operations; by increasing patronage on buses, we are helping to reduce the number of car trips taken by Victorians.

Ventura’s commitment to a greener future is demonstrated by:

  • Being the only bus operator with ethanol powered buses;
  • Developing and refining the efficiency of an electric bus for use in Melbourne;
  • Establishing programs for training drivers to operate buses while saving fuel;
  • Introducing a bus U-turn in Lonsdale Street in the CBD.

This last point might sound like a small, small thing but it has reduced the time our buses spend out of service in the city and has led to a 66 tonne reduction of CO2 emissions (the equivalent amount is produced by 4000 cars).

Reducing the emissions impact on the environment is important to all of Ventura’s staff.


Sustainable Buses

Ethanol Buses

Ventura owns and operates three Scania L94UB ethanol buses. These buses are used for public route services and are not for hire. Ventura was the first Australian public transport operator to introduce ethanol as an alternative fuel.

Ventura has always been a pioneer of alternative fuels and, over the years, has trialled LPG and charcoal. Ethanol buses are particularly attractive because:

They produce significantly less Co2 emissions.

They are not reliant on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources; they reduce Australia’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Utilising ethanol means we are supporting the sugar cane industry and thus rural employment.

Our Electric Bus

In 2009, Ventura introduced its first electric bus to the streets of Melbourne. The electric bus is unique in its use of cutting-edge technology and is driven by electric motors that are connected to two battery banks. These batteries are recharged through regenerative energy from braking and the forward motion of the bus. To ensure the batteries do not drop below a certain parameter, a small two litre Volkswagen car engine is kept on board to top the batteries up.

Ventura’s electric bus appears to be a typical city low-floor bus, seating 42 with a carrying capacity of 68. The smooth, quiet and comfortable ride consumes less fuel than conventional buses and therefore has a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Our electric bus is designed to reduce the impact on the environment. The longevity and performance of the bus is assessed by the Department of Sustainability and Environment and Department of Transport, ensuring it functions to the highest standard.